Active meeting – right according to Goethe’s taste

It’s ideal located, in the heart of Germany.


We’re here to inspire you, to challenge you, to make your meeting, convention or conference a success. We desigh your innovative team building and support your with the motivation. We take care of the development of your worker. We help training and extending skills.

Not only our rooms and the optimal techniques make your event a highlight, but also the variety of activities and frame work program that you can select. Or use our offer and follow Goethe’s traces.
Berg und Jagdhotel Gabelbach - Tagungsraum BaumbachspaceBerg und Jagdhotel Gabelbach - Tagungsraum Goethe, von Stein und Schwanitz



Example for the day of arrival:


  • For the welcome, coffe, tea, snacks with piquant finger food
  • Conference
  • Dinner as a 4-course-menu



Example for the meeting day:


  • Breakfast buffet Frühstücksbuffet
  • Conference
  • Hiking on Goethe’s traces: The participants of your conference will stroll along on the historical goethe hiking route, you will learn some anecdote from our hiking guide – on the way, we’re gonna serve a original thuringian picknick with delacacies from the region.
  • Dinner on the nearby meadow in the nature with drinking selection
  • End at the hotel bar
  • You can add activities individually



Example for the departure day:


  • Breakfast buffet
  • Conference
  • Relaxing and check out




The best breakfast in the surrounding area for your conference/meeting*


Start every day like a sunday: with a healthy and balanced breakfast, which fulfils every wish. Regionality, freshness and sustainability have a high value by the selection of our ingredients. We offer you a fine cuisine in our restaurant, in the rythm of the seasons in a comfortable atmosphere.

*The opinion of many guests.



The individual event rooms in overview:


  • Room Baumbach, Size 11,0 x 6,3 m, to 70 people
  • Room Goethe, Size 7,0 x 6,3 m, to 42 people
  • Room von Stein, Size 3,6 x 6,3 m, to 24 people
  • Room Schwanitz, Size 3,6 x 6,3 m, to 24 people



Room combinations for every event:


  • Rooms Baumbach + Goethe + von Stein, total size 15,0 x 11,0 m, to 130 people
  • Rooms Goethe + von Stein + Schwanitz, total size 14,5 x 6,3 m, to 98 people
  • Rooms Goethe + von Stein, total size 11,0 x 6,3 m, to 70 people
  • Rooms von Stein + Schwanitz, total size 7,2 x 6,5 m, to 48 people


We’re personal there for your event-inquiry:
Tel.: +49 (0) 36 77 / 860-2449
Fax: +49 (0) 36 77 / 860-222
E-Mail: info[at]