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Inviting retreat since 100 years
They exist, the best days of the year, days where you look forward to and which should make the climax in the daily routine and in the working life.
The birthday, the passed exam, the anniversary, the wedding or just the wish to spoil yourself.
On this sites we put together the things that should bring you a little bit of happiness through out the year.
And because of that we make you some varied and diverse suggestions for the things everyone dreaks of from time to time: an unburdened, happy time on the days of the year you look forward to, maybe here with us in the hotel Gabelbach.

„Recreation after your taste“




Bruschetta speciall leaf spinach, ham of lamb, goat cheese,
olive oil on four toasted bread slices
7,20 €
Deer gammon with Mozzarella di bufala campana,
honey and roasted cashew nuts
13,80 €
Carpaccio of salmon trout from the Vesser Valley with
orange ginger vinaigrette, rocket and litchi
11,90 €
Goat cheese au gratin with nut crumble besides
beetroot pear chutney and salad
10,50 €
Poached egg served with truffeled parsley
root puree and tomato foam
8,50 €





Potato leek soup, game knockwurst and bread chips
5,50 €
Carrot-mango soup with ginger and wild herb ravioli
5,80 €



 Those who whets a knife shouldn’t wonder eventually why it’s sharp.






Mixed salad with herbs and raspberry vinaigrette
4,50 €
Chanterelle salad with confit cherry tomatoes Tarragon, lamb ham and potato chips
15,50 €
Seasonal salad with apple and horseradish dressing sprouts and smoked trout
15,90 €
Schieferbruch toasted bread slices with olive oil, tomatoes, onions, pesto and parmesan cheese
12,80 €



Vegetarian dishes

Beetroot risotto with orange and chilli, trumpet royale and parmesan chips
13,90 €
“Thuringian for beginners” Thuringian dumpling roulade on pumpkin savoy,
cherry tomatoes and red onion relish
13,50 €
Leaf spinach stuffed Thuringian dumpling on wild mushroom cream
14,90 €

We are happy to arrange your vegetarian dish of choice



Fish dishes

Fried Monkfish on herb ragout of chanterelle, tomatoes and potatoes
19,40 €
Sea bass and prawn with herb crust, mushroom risotto with saffron foam and snow peas
18,90 €
“Vesser Valley” brook trout served roast or smoked with lime butter, crispy bacon, tomato fillets and potatoes
16,80 €


Game from local hanting

3 homemade wild boar sausages with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes
11,80 €
Braised wild boar roast with creamy mushroom, broccoli and Thuringian dumplings
17,00 €
Venison steak with Brussels sprouts, chocolate cherry jus and potato pyramid cake
19,90 €
Deer Venison roulade in plum and elderberry sauce, with savoy cabbage and chestnut puree
18,50 €



 “Irony is the little bit of salt that makes the dish really enjoyable”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Regional specialities

Rabbit`s liver on fried mushrooms, sour cherry pepper jus and Thuringian dumpling patty
14,90 €
“Shepherd`s pork escalope” au gratin with goat cheese, lowbush cranberries and fried potatoes
16,80 €
“Frying pan Gabelbach” fillet of pork au gratin with tomato breadcrumbs, cranberry pepper gravy, pick-a-stick of black salsify and potatoes au gratin
16,90 €
Farmer’s favorite traditional Thuringia meat platter with regional specialities – pork cutlet,
wild game sausage, Thuringia red sausage(black pudding) with fried onions, sauerkraut and Thuringia liver sausage balls
16,80 €
Saddle of lamb au gratin with wild garlic pepper, cream cheese sauce, glazed cherry tomatoes, bell pepper and potato waffles
18,90 €
Beef tatar served with fine chopped onions, capers, gherkins, anchovies, butter and bread
as starter 9,00 €
or main course 15,00 €


“A true, good and regional cuisine consists of 90 percent high quality and fresh ingredients and of 10 percent fantasy.”

Mario Eichmann / Küchenchef



Fresh meat & Pasta


“That beats me” 200g beef tenderloin, herb mushrooms with potatoes with rosemary and sour cream
29,00 €
“Bull’s Eye” 200g rib eye steak on grilled vegetables and herb baguette

26,00 €

Pappardelle Shepherd’s style with wild mushrooms, leaf spinach and red pesto

14,00 €
Linguine & salmon, leeks in cream

13,00 €

Tortiglioni & slices of beef tenderloin with peas and gorgonzola

15,80 €


Sweet happy end

Nougat crème brûlée with apple quince compote and blueberry sorbet

7,50 €

“Gabelbach Style” cinnamon rice parfait and plums in rum

6,90 €

Rosehip frappé on caramelised apple and oat flakes

7,20 €
“Little dessert in a glass” wild berry ragout and ewe’s milk ice cream

4,50 €


Contents and additives in our current menu
1 caffeinated, 2 with coloring agent, 3 with acidifier, 4 with quinine, 5 contains a source of phenylalanine, 6 contains sweetening agents, 7 contains taurine, 8 contains preservatives, 9 contains antioxidants, 10 nitrite salting, 11 dyed with beta-carotene




We put great emphasis on the best possible quality with our supplier at Gabelbach, and on biological and ecological orientated farming.

  • Thuringian mustard from the mil in Klein-Hettstedt
  • Meat and sausage from natural meat from Oberweißbach
  • Specialties from our own hunt ad from the Thuringian Forst
  • Trouts and chars from the Vessertal
  • Cheese and dairy products and lamb meat from our dairy farm „Ziegenried“ in Dosdorf
  • Honey from the beekeeper at Schloss Tonndorf
  • House made jam and Chutneys
  • Our house liquors from the distillery
  • and of course selected wines from the vineyard at Saale


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