Fresh game specialties from native regions


Frischer Entenbraten mit  Lavendel und Rosmarin im Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach  spaceWildspezialitäten aus dem Thüringer Wald: Frischer Rehbraten im Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach


Gabelbach counts, since it’s opening 100 years ago as a popular meeting place for game – gourmets.
Whether for special events, for celebrations or the in the harvest and hunting time of the year, our restaurant invites to prepared specialties like roast venison, rustic boar ragout, braised patridge or filled quails.


We serve you in a comfortable atmosphere the best for the season, together with bourgeois cuisine and house made delicacies. We serve you fresh ingredients like wild mushrooms, cranberries and other berries from the region with thuringian potato dumplings and suiting wine from our wine cellar.

Bring some time with you, so you can fully enjoy our delicacies – every meal is freshly prepared for you by our chefs. The game we use is from native regions like from the forests that surround ilmenau and Gabelbach – also from one of the best hunting places, the Thuringian Forest.