Gabelbach wellness packages

Ilmenauer-Ziegenbock – Goat butter-salt-peeling, bath with housemade fresh, sheep’s milk, relaxing massages, subsequent treatment with goat butter lotion and relaxing on the Sway- Pendelliege
109,00 €/120 min
WaldSpaziergang – Relaxing bath in the eVitarium, body massage with pine oil, relaxing with the warming pine pillows on the Sway- Pendelliege
99,00 €/120 min
WaldfeenZeit – A glas sparkling wine for the welcome, fango package, half body massage, classic cosmetics, foot peeling and foot massage
109,00 € p.P./120 min
BergRuhe zu Zweit – Fango package, whole body peeling with peeling gloves, whole body massage, face mask, relaxing at a fireplace with a fruitbowl
99,00€ p.P./130 min
Thüringer WaldHirsch – Time out for the man – Beerbath with one glas beer that you choose, halfbody massage
54,00 €/60 min