Experiencing enjoyment and nature since 1912

The Kickelhahn counts as the biggest survey of Weimar’s district in the grand duchey, Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach, with his 861 meters. The clear air and the impressive natural environment attract more and more people for recreation to the region, so that the state government began the planning for the construction for a Hotel near the Gabelbachtal in 1909.
Despite of the difficult conditions, the constructions proceed fast. Because of that, the “Kurhotel Gabelbach” opens three years later in 1912, which is now used by upscale communities for the summery recreation.
With the increasing development of the wintersports in the Thuringian Forest, more sportsminded people use Gabelbach for skiing through the wintry environment.


historische Fotoaufnahme des früheren Kurhaus Berghotel Gabelbach Ilmenau im Thüringer WaldspaceSchäferstatue vor dem Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach


Stable character in moving times


Even in wartimes is the House spared, so that the original character of it despite of the hard years stays.
After 1950 is the house used for recreation by DDR-leadership and by foreign state guests. It was inaccessible for the public. Since 1990 it’s accessible for everyone. It’s becoming step by step more modern under the name “Berg- & Jagdhotel Gabelbach”. An expansion offers more comfortable rooms.


Räume New Shine for the venerable rooms


The Hotel belongs to the regional entrepeneur Peter Schulz since 2011. Under him, the house and the facility
is getting a complete renovation in 2013. The historical charm of the architecture and the connection with the culture and nature of the environment should adress the future guests with a high quality level. But especially, it should make the original idea of the house and the shine noticeable.