In Ilmenau is the sky blue, the billy goat dances there with his wife.

The Goethe- and the university city Ilmenau – here is Gabelbach at home. The small town at the Thuringian Forest will enchant you with it’s charme between history and modernity. While the old houses in the narrow streets and the marvellous villas at the cure quarter are telling stories of splendid times, is the city as a research and science location making itself popular international.

Goethe Statur sitzt auf einer Bank in IlmenauspaceAussicht vom Kickelhahn auf die Umgebung von Ilmenau im Winter


History of Ilmenau


The beginnings of the settlement near the river Ilm, which is later called Ilmenau, are far away in the fog of the past. Today, it presents itself as a prospering city by the shores of Ilm. The little chronological dates are showing a diverse and not always easy story. The difficult managing from the inhabitans are knotted to the geological and geographical circumstances. Particularism, famines and city fires only let modest wealth be a thing. Goethe, who 1776 came the first time to Ilmenau because of office reasons, wasn’t able to revive the construction of the copper and silver hill. But the poet was impressed by the landscape and felt himself connected to the city until the rest of his life. He wrote a letter in 1795 at Friedrich Schiller: “…I’ve always loved being here and I still do, I think it comes from the harmony here. The region, the people, cilmate and everyone’s doings. A quiet, moderate economical striving, and everywhere the transition of crafting and machine crafting.”


Sights around Ilmenau in the over view:


  • Goethehaus
  • Jagdhaus Gabelbach
  • City hall Ilmenau
  • Amtshaus
  • Ilmenauer Linden
  • Church St. Jakobus
  • The Kickelhahn


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