The Thuringian Forest – worth a visit every time of the year!

Blooming meadows, broad forests, a graceful hill and mountain scenery, numerous rivers and reservoirs… Air to breath, feeling free – Welcome in the Thuringian Forest. The Thuringian Forest captivates the breathtaking plant and animal life through the natural and original beauty. If you look at it geographical, the Thuringian Forest is the northwestern mountain part, which spreads southeastern to Neustadt. The southeastern subsequently Thuringian Uplands is reaching up until the upper Saaletal. The term Thuringian Forest is mostly used for the whole uplands line. One of the most popular hiking route is leading over the kame of the Thuringian Forest, the hiking route ‘Rennsteig’.

Sonnenstrahlen fallen durch die Bäume des Thüringer WaldesspaceAussicht auf die Natur und Berglandschaft des Thüringer Waldes vom Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach


The popular hiking and cycling route is the attraction of numerous nature lover. The still maintained 13 Dreiherren and the 800 landmarks are witnesses as it’s past role as a border. Hiking and cycling friends, also nordic walker can discover the Thuringian Forest on the well built routes. Numerous viewpoints and lookout towers are promising a breathtaking view over the scenery. The big Beerberg is with his 982.9 meters the largest mountain of the Thuringian Forest. Next to the most popular mountain, the Kickelhahn, are the Schneekopf, the big Finsterberg and the large Dreiherrenstein worth the visit. In winter come a lot of winter athletes on the numerous ski hiking route and ski centers in the snowy mountain regions. Dogsledges and Horse drawn sleighs and also wintersport competitions fascinate the whole family.


Next to the beautiful landscape with the numerous forests, mountains and reservoirs, awaits the Thuringian Forest you with diverse culture, varied tourist attractions and sights. Idyllic towns and traditional cure places, museums, castles and palaces are ready for you to explore.


Famous tourist attractions in the Thuringian Forest:


  • Elevated hike Rennsteig
  • Dragon canyon in Eisenach
  • Wartburg
  • Castle Wespenstein
  • Rennsteig garden in Oberhof
  • Rock landscape over the Tabarzer Lauchagrund
  • Marienglashöhle in Friedrichroda
  • Trusetaler Waterfall


In numerous Nature park – information centers get tourists all the information and offers around the Thuringian Forest.

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