„Toxic colleagues“
Over 40 years has detective Columbo investigated in TV… brought designed alibis to burst, the most cunning murder methods exposed and brought the most evil murderer to justice… Now, is the man in trenchcoat solving his next Dinner-Crimi-Case!

“I have one more question…” Who doesn’t know him and his interrogation methods – Detective Columbo. Since over 40 years is the small, stooped and alleged confused policeman in the wrinkled trenchcoar active – longer than every TV-Crimi hero before him.
The audience can now look forward to a completely new story – not a rerun of one of the numerous episodes of the TV-show. In “Toxic colleagues” experience the audience Columbo and two more actors live as wtiness and co-creator of a exciting Dinner-Crimi in three courses.
You are invited to the launch party of “Romeo and Julliette”, to which also Columbo appears. Did he confuse a door or….? Because at first, there is no crime and no victim, but the culprit is already among you. What happened? Everyone’s a suspect, who is the murderer? Of course, only Columbo knows with the first meeting the solution of the case…
The audience are going to be lead behind the stages of theatre. Here, will not only the audience be a part of the investigationmethods of columbo but also be a part of the legendary balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliette” – Crimi meets theatre classics. Everyone’s suspicious and of course the most innocent looking lamb is actually a sly old dog. You have to riddle with the others, because only detective Columbo knows who the culprit is and how he can expose him.
The guests of the evening are not only going to enjoy an excellent three-course menu but also can may experience the role of their life. Because in “Toxic colleagues” play the guests, too and help Columbo with his investigation. This experience gives you only our new Dinner-Crimi!

We wish you an unforgettable evening!

Location: Berg- und Jagdhotel Gabelbach
Event room: Blockhaus im Hotelpark
Date: Friday, 17.11.2017
Entry: 18:00 Uhr
Start: 18:30 Uhr
Price: 69,00 € per person (incl. program, aperitif und three-course menu)
Ticket sale & information: 03677 / 860-0 | info@gabelbach.com oder in der Ilmenau-Information unter: 03677 / 600300