Over all of the hills . . .

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was already extended by Ilmenau through the Gabelbachtal to the 861 meter high Kickelhahn. On the wall of the hunting lodge he wrote in 1780: "Over all the peaks on the Gickelhahn of the highest mountain of the Reviers", which "change the desert of the city, the complaints, the desires, the incorrigible confusion of the people".
Over all of the hills
Peace comes anew,
The woodland stills
All through;
The birds make no sound on the bough.
Wait a while,
Soon now
Peace comes to you

Hike on the Goethe’s traces along on the 20 km long Goethe hiking route. Discover on this route the most important whereabouts of Goethe in Ilmenau and the surroundings. The hiking starts from the town hall of Ilmenau, in which the Goethe city museum is located. The museum dedicates the poet, nature researcher and government official an exhibition with diverse and varied aspects of his work. Also worth seeing are the former rooms of Goethe – with historical stucco ceiling, floorboards and square piano.


Pass through the old city to the Schwalbenstein, where Goethe wrote the 4th act of “Iphigenie”. Walking by the Schöffenhaus and the Marienquelle you get to the Manebach through the Ilmtal. After the rise you reach the Goethe cabin.


Downhill the hiker cat get to the museum Jagdhaus Gabelbach. Goethe was often a guest in the hunting lodge, which was built in 1783. Today, the museum gives us an insight into Goethe’s natural science studies and contains exhibitions to the hunting habits at that time, also gives us insight to the topic: »Der Kickelhahn – Goethes Wald im Wandel«.


The Goethe hiking rout is leading over Neustadt down to the Schortetal and further to the historical tavern “Auerhahn”. The trail ends in Stützerbach in the museum, which since 1960 documents Goethe’s time in Stützerbach and also his studies which he compiled in the 

On Goethe’s traces – excursion tips:

★ Goethe’s hiking route

★ Goethe Museum, Stützerbach

★ Goethe Cabin, Ilmenau

★ Goethe City Museum Ilmenau

★ Kickelhahn with observation tower

★ Museum Jagdhaus Gabelbach



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